Our Mission

Local Fresh Bag exists to help US farmers and growers connect with local communities who want quality fresh produce direct from the source.

By providing a platform to help both groups do business together, we aim to increase access to healthy and affordable fresh food around the country.

From fruit and vegetables to meats and more, Local Fresh Bag buyers and sellers no longer have to wait for market day to buy and sell the produce they want!


Our platform provides farm businesses with the simple tools to get their farm online and start taking orders from customers old and new in just a few clicks.

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Residents and families who want healthy, locally-produced food can use Local Fresh Bag to place orders for regular deliveries or collections, choose from a great value range of locally-produced fruits, vegetables, meats and more.

Local Fresh Bag customers actively support their local farming and growing communities, while avoiding the increasing supermarket & store supply chain issues we’re seeing more often.

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Who are we?

I'm John Nanna, founder of Local Fresh Bag. I love shopping at farmer's markets and have a couple of regular places my family and I visit here in San Antonio, TX.

But whenever I talked with the farmers, growers and buyers I met there, I realised how difficult it was for people on both sides of the table to connect outside of market days, even though there was a desire from growers and buyers to do regular business without stores and supermarkets being involved.

Farmers and growers want regular, reliable sales – and a way to manage those orders more easily – while shoppers and families who care about healthy, local produce want to be able to buy directly from the farmers and growers. So why should everyone have to wait until market day comes around? That's why we built Local Fresh Bag.


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